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RSL Partners with SciSports to Enrich Scouting Department

Sci Sports

HERRIMAN, Utah (Thursday, August 13, 2020) – Real Salt Lake announced a strategic sporting partnership with SciSports, the leading provider of football data intelligence, to widen the club’s worldwide player coverage.  By empowering Real Salt Lake’s scouting and recruitment set-up with SciSports’ data intelligence software, the club energizes its strategy to outsmart challengers in the market.

“We are excited to build our relationship with SciSports and utilize the platform they provide to refine and improve how we scout and recruit players for Real Salt Lake and Real Monarchs,” said RSL Technical Director Dan Egner. “We’ve been utilizing SciSports for a little while now, and it is clear that it will help us evolve in our scouting and recruitment process.”

By opting to use SciSports’ software, Real Salt Lake’s scouting department gets direct access to a broad array of actionable insights on 180,000 professional football players in over 250 leagues. This makes it possible to quickly find, screen and compare potential acquisitions based on its philosophy and identity of play. By crunching the numbers, RSL will continue to improve the organization off the pitch striving to meet the club’s sporting goals.

The combination of answer-driven insights and easy to apply filter settings make the SciSports Platform the most powerful scouting and recruitment tool in the industry. Using it alongside in-house knowledge and expertise on video and live scouting, Real Salt Lake aims to make the most out of the possibilities the worldwide player market has to offer. SciSports is pleased to play a pivotal role in RSL’s transfer strategy and is keen on succeeding in finding a competitive advantage for the club.

"Every club in the MLS is a big one, but Real Salt Lake is able to be in control with a small team and efficient scouting process,” said SciSports Manager Football Jesper Gudde. “In a really short time Dan Egner and I were both convinced that we could strengthen each other. I'm really looking forward to support RSL with a wider coverage in the world and to translate their club philosophy in our SciSports Platform.”

SciSports Platform

The SciSports Platform offers actionable insights into more than 180,000 active players, 250 leagues and 3,700 clubs. Advanced data metrics offer insights into the (potential) skill level, playing style and performance of every player on an individual basis. Combined with the ability to apply easy search and filter functionalities to simply map out entire regions and leagues, the platform is the ideal partner for football professionals to stay ahead of the competition.

About SciSports

SciSports is one of the fastest growing sports analytics companies in the world and a leading provider of football data intelligence for professional football organisations, football players, media and entertainment. The European Union named SciSports ‘European Unicorn’ and the HYPE Foundation named the company as the most innovative company in the world of football.