SANDY, Utah (Friday, May 20, 2022) - Real Salt Lake is hosting the Epilepsy Foundation of Utah Walk to END EPILEPSY and the 2.6 Million Mile Challenge this Saturday, May 21, 2022, at the University of Utah Health Plaza along the east side of Rio Tinto Stadium, beginningat 6:00 p.m., MDT.  

According to the Epilepsy Foundation of Utah, more than 30,000 people in the Beehive State have the neurological disorder. One of those Utahns is Rob Zarkos, Real Salt Lake Executive Vice President of Soccer Operations. According to Zarkos, each seizure he experiences feels like it resets his brain, and the exhaustion can last a few days. Still, he considers himself very fortunate, despite the condition. 

“Some in our community will have multiple seizures in one hour,” Zarkos said. “There are others where epilepsy literally affects every aspect of their everyday life. I hope that this event brings further awareness to our community.” 

Zarkos proposed the walk as part of the RSL Family Initiative, which allows employees to suggest events and fundraisers for causes that impact the community throughout Utah. Money raised on Saturday will go to theEpilepsy Foundation of Utah as part of the nationwide annual Walk to END EPILEPSY and the 2.6 Million Mile Challenge. Real Salt Lake is providing an in-kind donation for the use of the stadium. 

“We are so grateful that Rob proposed this program, and we’re proud to include it in our RSL Family Initiative,” said Club President John Kimball. “We want to lend our support to our community in any way we can, and our Family Initiative is designed to do just that. Our employees are empowered to propose to our RSL Family Initiative Council causes that are near and dear to them for us to support. This program has already inspired us to make and donate sensory kits for children on the autism spectrum, and we’re excited to support additional causes in the future.” 

CLICK HERE to learn more about participating in the walk or make a donation to support the initiative.