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Quote Sheet: RSL 3-0 HOU

Defender Justen Glad

On where the team is at right now:

“We’re in a great spot. The team’s in a groove right now. The players are happy, it’s a good vibe in the locker room. We just got [Jefferson] Savarino back, we’re in a good spot for sure. We just need to keep the momentum going.”

On the atmosphere in the stadium:

“The atmosphere has been unreal the past five home games, [the fans have] been absolutely unreal. The fans have brought the energy which gives us more energy, and it’s been incredible. Sava [Jefferson Savarino] obviously provided us with a spark off the bench. I thought he did incredible tonight, but it was an incredible team performance. Everyone, in the first half especially, was passing and moving, and making it easier for their teammates.”

On preventing Houston from scoring on their chances:

“It’s just game management. Obviously, teams are going to get parts of the game where they enjoy the ball and they get opportunities. It’s just about weathering the storms and knowing that we have a plan in the back of our minds, staying solid, and knowing we’re going to get our chances. We know if we keep it solid in the back, then we have a good shot to win.”

On the atmosphere in the locker room:

I’m in a really great locker room. There’s a lot more energy, not just from the Latino players, but from the American players as well, which is something that you definitely need to get the results to go your way.”

On coming back to RSL:

“I’m just really grateful for all the support from the fans here at Rio Tinto. I’m looking forward to getting better in front of the crowd.”

On how Major League Soccer is viewed in Brazil:

“They see it as a young league, but that’s really all they say in Brazil about the MLS. For me, it’s just important to take advantage of my opportunity here and enjoy the time to get better, to grow, and to help out the club.”

Forward Sergio Cordova

On his goals in back to back games:

I think it has a lot to do with the trust that my coaches and teammates have in me and the more minutes that I have been playing. I’m really happy because the results and the goals are starting to come my way.”

On if the team is putting him to full use in his current position:

“Absolutely, the coaching staff has trusted me and allowed me to do things that I wasn’t able to do or feel comfortable doing in Germany. I feel like I have a lot more freedom just to play and enjoy myself. That says a lot about the confidence that Pablo [Mastroeni] and the rest of the coaching staff has in me, and I look forward to continuing to earn their trust and putting out a good effort each week.”

Thoughts on scoring first goal at home:

“I am very content and very happy. I think that it was something that was coming because the goals that I’d first scored were on the road, but this was my first one in Utah. I hope that I score more goals here in the future.”

Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni

On Bobby Wood and Sergio Cordova:

“They were both really bright. The movement was really good. We talked about opposite movements. We plan on one coming, one going. Bobby played really well tonight. I thought it was probably his best performance in that regard. Even on his goal where he gets the ball, plays it out wide and gets in the box, gets to the highest line. Serg, [Sergio Cordova] that’s a goal he scores quite a bit in training where he’s deking people inside the area. He was in a good position to receive it, and did really well with it to finish it. They’re forming a really good partnership. Again, all this takes time. The one thing is the amount of work they’re both doing on both sides of the ball has been spectacular. It’s given us confidence from a defending standpoint, but also their availability in transition was really special tonight.”

On the play in the final third:

“In previous games, we’ve been quite static in our movement once we rotate the ball to the weak side and we just kind of hold our positions. We’ve been working this week on really mixing up the runs and being more dynamic–don’t be standing in one spot and ride into a spot. J Glad’s [Justen Glad] goal and Bobby [Wood]’s goal were two of those moments where they arrived at the right time and had fantastic finishes.”

On Jefferson Savarino’s excitement:

“He always wanted to come back here. He’s so happy to be with this group. A lot of the players on the team were his teammates in previous years. So coming into a group that is really tight, playing well, full of confidence, and players that he knows, I think makes it a really special moment for him. Obviously we talked quite a bit about how long we thought or he thought he could go and 20 minutes was probably the highest he got but it felt like the game needed that boost of energy. The fans welcomed him in a great way and he had some exciting moments out there. As he continues getting his fitness we’re anticipating some more of those moments.”