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Quote Sheet: RSL 3-0 Colorado

Quote Sheet

Real Salt Lake 3-0 Colorado Rapids

Rio Tinto Stadium; Sandy, Utah

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Head Coach Freddy Juarez

On the clean sheet:

“It’s not easy, like I said for Colorado, actually any team in this league. It’s hard to control them. We always want to go out and try to get a clean sheet. What I thought we needed to do was try to sustain the energy that we had against the Galaxy in those first 35-40 minutes and see if we can prolong and sustain it for longer periods of time into the second half. At times it’s not pretty but the players gave their commitment to it. I think in their head they wanted to close out the game right because we’ve been struggling in those moments of the game. I think that the players as a collective were all on the same page and grind it out. They had to suffer to keep Colorado off the mark. It’s not easy.”

On the difference tonight:

“The players were fantastic. They've grinded every game and it’s not like they go into other games trying to concede. I think collectively our energy made the difference tonight. Their mindset has been amazing this entire season, they’ve trained well, and the culture that they’ve built is fantastic. We’ve been a little unlucky at moments, sometimes you switch on for a second and the opponent punishes you, but today the group was strong and committed to the cause. The fans were amazing tonight. To see the Riot packed, loud, and doing the wave that adds a little extra when you need it as a player. We appreciate it and we are glad that we could get a shutout and score some goals for them.”

On motivation after last loss to the Rapids:

“I never once brought it up, that’s completely honest. It’s in my head but with rivalries, the tension is already there and if you keep adding to it sometimes the intelligence goes out of it and you get caught up in messes. It could be a player down because you go into a tackle. It’s unnecessary to get caught up in emotions. I didn’t bring it up but 100% it’s in our minds. I was embarrassed as a player and as the leader of the group but you know it was my fault. But we didn’t bring it up once in the locker room as a collective. Maybe individually guys brought it up but that wasn’t what we wanted to do as a collective. We needed to respond after a disappointing draw that we had the other night. In front of a great crowd for Pioneer Day and fireworks against a very good team and a rival we need to always try to give our best and I think that’s what you saw from players today. They were 100% committed to the cause. That’s what we asked for and at the end of the day, the result can go one way or another. We needed that commitment and we saw it today and the result went our way as well.”

Defender Ashtone Morgan

On message from coaching staff on starting:

“Basically to lead in the game. I’m always ready, whenever my number is called. I’m always here for the team. But if people see me or not, whether at training or however it is, I’m always here for the guys. The coaches put a lot of confidence in me. Basically just using my experience to get myself in the game. Beat the guys and just keep pushing to enjoy the moment. Just to get out there, to express myself, to enjoy it and to fight in a match feels amazing.”

On the emotion of playing well:

“Honestly, it felt like the first day of school. I had a lot of time all day to mentally prepare, but just being a pro. Eleven seasons, there are things just a part of the game. I have played in a lot of dark matches in my career. I use that experience and enjoy the moment. I just try to help wherever I can. I’m enjoying the win and the three points.”

On the defensive gameplan:

“Colorado has crafty wings and crafty fullbacks who like to be isolated to get in behind and cross into the box. That was definitely on the board today. To say we’re going to get into the wide channels and the wide spaces where we’re mentally focused and locked in to make it difficult. Which we did. We were getting our foot on something here, something there. It was a great effort by every guy on the team today.”

Forward Bobby Wood

On his first goal:

“I just tried to go to the goal, really. Tried to finish the play off. I think as a team we started off very hungry, and that’s why we got those runs. We were so aggressive pressing on them. And we had a good opportunity going forward and I tried to take advantage of that.”

On the pressure to score:

“Honestly I didn’t really think about it. I was focused on getting my fitness and everything back. The club has been very patient with me and I’m grateful for that. They’ve welcomed me and that’s what this team is about. So I try to help the team as much as I can for the coaches and for the players. They just want me to work hard, and that’s what I try to do.”

On keeping a good form moving forward:

“I’ll just stay hungry. We had a very good game today. We fought hard and we have to keep that mentality as a team. I think that’s what we have to take out of this tough game today. Not make the mistakes that we made midweek of playing well and then just falling short. Today we came back and showed a good mentality. That’s all we really need to keep doing. That’s what counts. All that matters is that mentality. And as a team we’re very good, so if we keep that mentality, we’ll get the points for sure.”