OCTOBER 7, 2020
Head Coach Freddy Juarez
On the formation:

“I like it, especially in the second half especially when we were able to talk about it at halftime. It’s tough to put the guys in a situation like this where you only have a couple of days to talk about it at training, then have to go off of the flow of the game. I thought in the first half we started getting more confident on the ball around 20 minutes into the half. We just didn’t do a good job at keeping the opponent on one side of the field. At halftime we talked about it and thought we fixed it and started to get the ball into areas where we could win it. We started to win the ball back and not allow as much shifting. We got ahold of the ball and started creating chances so hat’s off to the guys. They embraced it and I think we deserved at least a point tonight. The set piece goal was disappointing but in this congested schedule you have to keep going with the personnel you have and have to look at where you can get the best out of them and I thought that was the best way to keep ourselves competitive tonight.”

On Seattle’s threats:

“In the second half they only had two chances at goal. The first one Putna makes the save from an aerial ball that they’re very good at with guys running in behind. Then, the set piece and other than that I don’t remember them really being a threat. I thought we dominated the second half. In the first half Seattle came out powerful and we knew they’d do that. The idea was to neutralize and concede territory then adjust ourselves. When we got control of the game, I think we did well. I just remember Putna’s kick save and the goal and that was it.”

On not having a shot on goal:

“I would say we were a little bit ruthless enough. For example, Tate Schmitt had an opportunity to shoot from the top of the area and we tried to give that extra pass. It wasn’t that we weren’t in areas to score, I just don’t think we were mean enough tonight to take the shot. We put ourselves in good areas and got into the box, but we just needed a bit more. We earned several corner kicks that come from getting into those areas and putting them on their heels.”

On needing results with seven games left:

“We’re all competitive and the team has been professional for a long time. I won’t panic and they won’t either. We came to Seattle and won the possession battle and kept ourselves in the game with a different formation that we probably won’t get a lot of credit for doing. But we came in tonight and put ourselves in a position to collect a point. But it wasn’t good enough. We can’t panic and now we’re onto Vancouver. We made the decision to rest some players to prepare for Vancouver. Sometimes that’s how you have to look at these things because there are teams that’re way ahead and the game still means a lot, but there are more games to play. So we’ll look at film and get the positives because I think there’s a lot of them, and work on the negatives. It’s full steam ahead for Vancouver because I don’t think they got a result tonight and lost two players so we have to be chomping at the bit for the weekend.”

Midfielder Justin Portillo
On tactical game plan of the match:

“Obviously we didn’t want to go down a goal, but in this league, as the game goes on, things start to open up, and I thought after 30 minutes we were able to move the ball, not as forward as we wanted to. I thought we were okay on the ball in the back and in the middle, and in some moments up front, but obviously we didn’t do enough to get our guys going forward and in good positions. But this is something you learn from and hopefully it is something we work on and we can start banging in goals soon.”

On why the team did not put a shot on goal:

“I think it was a bit of both, [strength of Seattle’s defense and lack of offensive production] they’re a good team, top of the West. Like I said, we planned on playing in that low block and those were the tactics and the way we wanted to approach the game. We knew chances would be few and far between, but as the game went on we got in front of goal a lot more and it showed in us getting forward and getting a goal.”

On the physical nature of the team:

“I thought the physicality was there, as the game went on we never gave up, even down two zero, we kept trying to push forward, pushing each other on. It’s a tough league, teams are good and it's tough with a lot of games in a row. Tough game, big field, quick turnarounds, but now we’ve got a game Saturday, we’ve got to get ready. Big game against Vancouver and hopefully we can get three points.”

On if panic has set in for playoff push:

“Yes, like you said, seven games left, it’s coming down to it. I think we definitely have the team built for it and we’ve just got to keep plugging away and stay positive, then once we get a roll going, maybe one or two games, then I think we can have a good push going into the last seven.”

Goalkeeper Andrew Putna
On the Seattle chances:

“I think on the first goal we got a little unlucky with the cross that goes through the box. It goes through someone’s legs and Justen Glad misses it by an inch and it falls to them. I don’t think it was players not being in the right place, but I think it was just unlucky. We just need to do a better job on the first goal. On the second goal, we need to drop as a team better. I think some guys didn’t drop when they were supposed to, so we’ll have to take a look at it and see.”

On the team’s communication:

“The header I had to make a save on was in the run of play, so I think that one is a little different. It’s a little bit harder to communicate in the run of play. We are communicating on a set piece but for a guy to be that wide-open was unacceptable to be honest. I don’t know if it comes down to communication but there has to be some accountability there. For me it’s the guys who are defending on the backline. We need to take accountability for ourselves and it’s something we’ll look at on video.”

On the young player’s opportunity:

“I think with young guys and lesser experienced guys it’s always a good opportunity. It’s tough to play three games in seven days and they’re going to get their opportunity. To be honest, I thought we did well tonight besides the second goal that was a mental mistake where we didn’t drop in and mark a player. It’s always going to be good for young players as we come down to the last stretch of the season. We just need to start picking up results if we want to get into the playoffs.”

On the upcoming schedule:

“We know what we have to do, it’s obvious. We put ourselves in this position over the last couple of weeks. The West has been tight all year as far as points and if you start stacking wins you can be right back in the mix. I think it starts Saturday at Vancouver and we can only look at one game at a time. Start there with a win and look at the next game.”