Chances are you or someone you know has or is currently dealing with a mental illness, or their mental health. The month of May represents a time to acknowledge and bring awareness to the ongoing struggle. Mental Health Awareness Month was created back in 1949 by Mental Health America to reduce the stigma, raise awareness, and provide support for those who need it. This year’s theme is Back to Basics and with that, here are some of Visit Utah’s favorite Mental Health based organizations to help you or those in need. While not substitutes for professional help, they may provide you or your loved ones with a brief reprieve. 

  • Kura Door Holistic Japanese Spa

Nothing screams Back to Basics more than thousand-year-old traditions which can be found at Kura Door Holistic Japanese Spa. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, the Kura Door uses ancient Japanese traditions to calm and connect the mind, body and spirit. Go and relax in a kimono and experience one of their signature massages, manicures, pedicures, or skincare treatments!

  • Maven Strong

Exercise has been and always will be an essential part to maintain one's mental health, and Maven Strong is a great place to get your sweat on. Also located in downtown SLC, Maven Strong lives on the three pillars of sweat, strength, and soul to achieve your best self. The pilates studio holds private or group sessions, emphasizing each of those three pillars to create a well-rounded experience and a class perfectly suited for the individual. 

  • The Vitamin Bar 

The Vitamin Bar has six locations across Utah, making it the perfect place to get your IV and oxygen therapy treatments done. Each IV is formulated on the spot so it is specifically tailored to your needs at the moment, whether that’s to deal with altitude sickness, cold and flu, hangover, or whatever ails you. Their quick, convenient service can be performed in one of their clinics or you can call them to come to your home or hotel room.

  • Salt Lake Bouldering Project

Located on the south side of Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Bouldering Project offers visitors opportunities to practice their bouldering skills or join a fitness or yoga class. With affordable prices, Salt Lake Bouldering Project gives you a great place to blow off steam in a safe environment.

  • Restore

Restore is one of the best places for any and all of your recovery needs. Across its four locations stretching from Riverton to Farmington, Restore holds various therapy options to improve sleep, energy and mood, such as cryotherapy, red light therapy, IV drip therapy and mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Restore also has its “Living Hyperwell” blog to give you the extra motivation needed when you’re at home.

  • Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Resort, located in Saint George, Utah, positioned closely to Zions and Bryce Canyon National Parks and Snow Canyon State Park. The resort leads guided hikes every day, as well as workshops and retreats focused on strengthening your connection with your mind, body and spirit. With a spa and salon included, Red Mountain Resort is the perfect place for mental restoration and outdoor adventure.

  • Amangiri 

Amangiri is a 5-star hotel in the untouched red rock country of Canyon Point, Utah. Offering yoga on the rocks, grounding rituals, and a Native American healing method called hózhó, Amangiri gives all their guests an opportunity to connect with nature and reconnect with their inner selves.

  • And She's Dope Too

Getting outside can do wonders for the mind. And She’s Dope Too leads rendezvous trips to Moab and Bear Lake each year to help women enjoy the outdoors in the company of other wonderful ladies. This camping trip includes activities from nature walks and crafting to rock climbing and bouldering, allowing women of all ages and experience levels to enjoy some time in nature.