Since 1949 Mental Health America, its affiliates, and numerous other organizations have recognized the month of May as the official “Mental Health Awareness Month,” a time to spread the word about positive mental health. During this month Mental Health America strives to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage others to share stories about their own mental health struggles. Since 2008 Mental Health America has conducted a number of activities centered on a common theme, and this year’s theme calls for individuals to ‘look around, and look within.’

A fantastic way to prioritize your mental health while looking around and looking within this month is to visit one of the businesses located in Utah focused on mental healing and physical rejuvenation. Although not a substitute for professional help, the following suggestions may provide you with a little more than a temporary escape from daily stress.

Park City Yoga Adventures (1743 West Fox Bay Drive, Heber City, UT 84032)

Just a short drive outside Salt Lake City is Homestead Crater, a 10,000 year old geothermal hot spring located in Heber Valley. The mineral rich hot spring maintains a year-round temperature of 95 degrees and is an impressive 65 feet deep and 450 feet wide. Homestead Crater is the perfect place to take a therapeutic mineral soak to help loosen tense muscles and decrease stress. If you're looking for an engaging experience Park City Yoga Adventures offers stand up paddle board yoga before and after public hours at Homestead Crater. This experience is the perfect way to relax tense muscles and practice mindfulness. Park City Yoga adventures even offers the opportunity to hike or snowshoe to the crater at sunrise or sunset and then take part in a group yoga session.

SYNC Float Therapy (1200 West Lori Lane, Suite B10 Kamas, Utah 84036)

At SYNC Float Therapy you will be enclosed in a sensory deprivation pod filled with hundreds of pounds of magnesium sulfate which will allow you to effortlessly float on the surface of the water. While floating there is an absence of light, of sound, and of external pressure from gravity which can help put a troubled mind and weary body at rest. The magnesium sulfate you are immersed in can provide numerous health benefits by relieving tension in strained muscles and help alleviate soft tissue pains including backaches and those stress induced migraines. Magnesium is highly regarded as an important chemical that the body uses to manage stress and taking part in a float therapy session can lower stress response, increase antioxidant production, and facilitate healing.

Rocksteady (4689 Holladay Blvd E suite h, Holladay, UT 84117)

Located in the heart of Holladay, Rocksteady is more than just your average pilates gym, each one of their trainers has adopted the mission to develop well-being, character, and connection in everyone who walks through their doors. Few things more beneficial to your mental health than the release of endorphins and the pilates and yoga classes found at Rocksteady will not only strengthen your body but your mind as well. No matter your goal the unique integrated movement practices utilized at Rocksteady will help you get there. The pilates gym also heavily emphasizes community and is as much a place to work out as it is to form new friendships.

Deep Canyon Spa at Flanigan’s (450 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767)

Five minutes away from the Zion National Park entrance in Springdale, Deep Canyon Spa at Flanigan’s Resort offers an extensive menu of soothing, restorative, and healing treatments. The spa has unique packages where you can work up a sweat by biking, hiking, or going on a half-day canyoneering excursion before you return to meditate and relax. Deep Canyon Spa also offers a variety of massages including their signature Deep Canyon Muscle Relief massage with CBD and Arnica oil that can help treat inflammation, calm the skin, and soothe the soul. You will also be able to find guided meditation and crystal sound therapy on their menu of offerings to quiet your busy mind and spirit while resetting your nervous system.

Ruby’s Horseback Adventures (26 S Main St, Bryce Canyon City, UT)

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than spending time in nature and at Ruby’s Inn, just outside Bryce Canyon National Park, you can explore the beautiful Red Canyon while on horseback. Horseback riding is a low-impact exercise that has been proven to reduce stress, deepen problem solving, and strengthen core muscles. Through Ruby’s Horseback Adventures you can tailor your experience, whether that be through one of their impressive half-day rides or if you're up for it there is an added four day ride that takes you on the same trails used by renowned outlaw Butch Cassidy. Whatever you may choose, the stunning scenery of the Red Canyon’s red rock formations and Ponderosa pines may help ease a ruminating mind while you absorb the beauty of Southern Utah.

Pago (341 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111)

A healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand and if you're looking for a nutritious place to dine Pago has fantastic farm to table fare. With an emphasis on bringing the freshest ingredients to the kitchen, Pago’s menu changes with the seasons to provide the best organic produce at any time of the year. Chef Phelix Gardner is a renowned chef with 20 years of experience which helps Pago create new delectable menus each season. The restaurant offers a variety of options including vegetarian dishes. You can find Pago in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City or located at 9th and 9th where you can enjoy a nutritious meal that can beneficially fuel the mind.

**Pistil + Thorn Plant Shop**(37 N Main St, Bountiful, UT 8401)

Whether you leave Pistil + Thorn with a new succulent or just enjoy a stroll through the greenery and good vibes, a visit to one of SLC’s local plant shop’s is never a bad way to unwind. Pistil + Thorn was started by two sisters who decided that they had enough of the stress from their normal nine to fives and wanted to jump head first into their biggest passions, houseplants. You can also book a private “plant party” at their store for birthdays, a friends night out, or any other type of group outing. On top of all that, Split Leaf Coffee is located in the back of the shop so you can grab a drink while you browse.

**The Front Climbing Club**(1470 S 400 W SLC, UT 84115 )

Sometimes to get out of a rut, you just need to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re an experienced climber or brand new to the sport, The Front offers a wide array of experiences for you to push yourself physically while restoring yourself mentally. There are bouldering and rope climbing courses as well as a yoga studio, cafe, and gear shop. Group classes are also available so you can begin your climbing journey with a friend, or make new ones through a shared experience. Day passes start at only $30 which includes climbing, yoga classes, group fitness, weights and cardio. (Miley Cyrus the climb reference to end it? Idk?)

**Tune In Mindfulness** (250 E Broadway Suite 280, Salt Lake City, UT 8411)

Tune In Mindfulness isn’t your typical studio. With an extra emphasis on meditation and mindfulness, this studio is for those looking to unwind and look inward. These guided meditation classes can be done online or in a studio, as work towards building internal awareness and perspective. As opposed to a traditional meditation app, Tune In Mindfulness gives you the opportunity to meditate with others, either online or in studio, and build a community among others who are looking to grow in the same way you are. Workshops, full day immersions, and private classes are also available and monthly memberships start at $50.

**Sacred Energy SLC** (261 East 4500 South Murray, Utah 84107)

Sacred Energy SLC is a place for those who want to ease their mind in a spiritual way. The store sells crystals, herbs, tarot cards, books and more for anyone who’d like to explore a different side of themselves. Sacred Energy also hosts numerous monthly activities such as meditations, healing sessions and more which is a great way to connect with others and find a like-minded community. If you’re looking for a place to release some unwanted energy and explore a more spiritual side to mindfulness, Sacred Energy could be a great option.

**Wasatch Mountain Club** (1390 South 1100 East #103, Salt Lake City, UT)

While getting outside and doing physical activities is a great way to improve your mental health, it can sometimes be improved even more by doing it with others. Wasatch Mountain Club has been around for 100 years, and has provided Salt Lake County with all sorts of different group outdoor activities. Whether it’s backcountry skiing, hiking, camping, rafting or countless other outdoor related adventures, Wasatch Mountain Club will make sure you’re not alone. Annual memberships are $30 and your membership dues also contribute to local conservation efforts throughout the valley.