#77 Andy Williams

Andy Williams

As news of Andy Williams' retirement rippled through "Planet MLS" on Monday, the "Twittersphere" that Andy himself patrols so entertainingly as @Bommadog blew up on his behalf, sending congrats and well-wishes to #77 upon the ending of his 14-year career in the North American top-flight. After you vote in the poll to voice how you'd like to see Real Salt Lake pay tribute to Andy, scroll through the Twitter tributes below and check out the new notes from fans and colleauges as they come streaming through the "RSL Twitter Getter" ...


@natborchers: @bommadog - legend: smooth on the ball, cannon of a shot, great personality, electronics wizard, & selfless teammate. Will miss u. #legend

@NickRimando: Can't say enough about @bommadog. Amazing player, true friend, stand-up guy, wonderful husband & father. Gonna miss U on the pitch bud. #OG

@AllenAHopkins: I would go through my favorite Andy Williams (aka @bommadog) moments. Easier to say all of them. Great career. Best to a baller for real.

@JOYPAULIAN: Congratulations to @bommadog on a wonderful career and being one of the most respectful gentleman I've ever met. #shameheruinedtheteamphoto

@BP_TOW: Hey @bommadog ... Welcome to the world of #BackFat my dude... who would have ever thought we'd go from rhe Foxboro bubble in '97 to the SLC.

@RobbieRussell03: @bommadog was an original @RealSaltLake!! If anyone deserves a testimonial game it's him!! Hope we can get that done... Retweet if you agree

@GrantWahl: Another MLS retirement: Salt Lake's Andy Williams. Productive career. Will become RSL scout. Solid tweets at @bommadog.

@wingert17: so bummed to hear @bommadog is retiring. Awesome player, better person. Congrats on an incredible career brother! #Legend

@DanteWashington: @BP_TOW @bommadog Seems like yesterday when I left my boots on the turf at Rice-Eccles. Welcome to the club @bommadog.

@WillJohnson08: I'm really enjoying all the @bommadog love! Much respect to a great man on a great career. We'll miss u buddy. #77

@jamiewatson77: You're the reason I rock #77 @bommadog . Love u man. Glad I got to play w/ u @RealSaltLake & become a part of your family! #RSL

@robstoneESPN: Whenever I see a long sleeve soccer jersey, I think @bommadog . Congrats on a great #MLS career and your next step

@ColumbusCrew: Congratulations Andy Williams (@bommadog) on a great career. #crew96 #rsl

@usopencup: Andy Williams (@BommaDog) played in a record 5 @usopencup finals: '98 @ColumbusCrew, '00 Miami, '01 @NERevolution, '03 & '04 @ChicagoFire