"The iconic RSL Lion connotes resolute determination, regal aspirations, and fierce commitment to excellence; reflecting the virtues shared by our team and by our fans.


The "Pride" word mark is rendered in the royal typeface used since RSL's inception.

Similar to the primary RSL crest, the Clare-and-Cobalt shield represents the protection of the club's values and the defense of RSL territory.


In the tradition of ancient heraldry, the "Pride" banner flies across the base of the Shield.

In ancient times, a kingdom's banner or "Standard" was unfurled and carried at the forefront, leading the charge into conflict.

The "T-sword" anchors the Standard mark and showcases the idea that while we can defend we know how to attack.

Lions, known for strength, nobility, and their devotion to their pack, have been long associated with royalty, football/soccer, as well for RSL, harkening back to the 2005 inaugural season and the establishment of our beloved mascot, Leo. We have sought to echo the leadership, passion, dedication, and infectious attitude of the brave "King of Beasts" with a set of marks exclusive to you, "The Pride" - our loyal and steadfast Season Ticket Holders. Please accept our invitation to count yourselves amongst The RSL Pride.