RSL Royalty Rewads

For 2017, Real Salt Lake has introduced a brand new loyalty program exclusive to all current “Royalty Members” (formerly known as RSL Season Ticket Members).


The “Royalty Rewards” program now enables YOU the ability to win RSL prizes, earn discounts and preferred access and once-in-a-lifetime, never-before-possible experiences through a points program which rewards you just for being an engaged fan! By doing all the things you already do as a member of the “Claret-and-Cobalt” family, you can amass points which can be redeemed for benefits all season long!


As a Royalty Member, you already have an electronic account set up in conjunction with your season tickets. Please visit to log in.


Use the same login information that you have for your “My RSL Account,” since your username is your email address on file (or your account number, which can be found on the back of your Royalty Membership card or tickets). If you don’t know your password, simply click on the “Forgot Password” link to recreate or get a reminder to what you originally set up!


Ways to earn “Royalty Rewards” points in 2017:


  • Purchasing or renewing season tickets

  • Attending RSL matches; bonus points for entering RioT 30 or more minutes before kick

  • Purchasing items at Stadium concession stands and both Stadium/Downtown Team Stores

  • Social media connection and engagement

  • Promo code offers at local RSL partners


Prizes you can expect to see:


  • AFCU Pavilion discounts

  • RSL Merchandise

  • Exclusive, unique one-of-a-kind items and experiences with RSL/MLS personalities

  • Flyaway trips to away matches

  • A round of footgolf with Craig Waibel

  • And much, much more!


We are new to this program too!  To that end, please feel free to suggest new ideas for ways to earn points and the types of prizes/rewards by e-mailing


For technical issues with your account or points, please reach out directly to your Fan Relations Rep, email, or call our Royalty hotline at 801-727-2702.


We look forward to going BEYOND in 2017, as we reward you for your ability to BELIEVE and support RSL/Monarchs each and every day, AS ONE!



What is the Royalty Membership?

This is a program designed exclusively for RSL Season Ticket Members as an additional benefit for doing all the things you already do as a fan. You will have a chance to earn and spend "royalties" (points) to instantly redeem prizes, enter into drawings for unique can’t buy experiences, bid on team signed gear and more.

Can I opt-out of the RSL loyalty program?

Program enrollment is automatic for all season ticket holders. If you choose not to participate in the program or redeem your points for rewards, you do not need to engage with the program. If you do not want to use your Royalty Rewards cards to enter the stadium, you may use the Flash Seats mobile app or credit card for entry.

Do I need a computer to participate in the program?

A computer is not necessary for this program. You may access your account from a desktop computer, or with a mobile device. Your personal Fan Relation Representative will be happy to assist with any account questions or concerns.

How do I access my Royalty Rewards account?

Your Royalty Rewards account can be found at Your login credentials are the same that you use to access your My RSL Account through the RSL website. If you have never logged in to either site, please contact your Fan Relations Representative and he or she can send you a link to allow you to set up a password to log in.

Whom should I contact with questions, concerns, or suggestions about the program or my account?

We appreciate all feedback and are always happy to answer questions. Please contact your Fan Relation Representative or call 801-727-2702.

If you are unsure of whom your Fan Relations Representative is, please refer to the list below:

  • Tom Penrose, Sections 37-3
    •; 801-727-2842
  • Mallory Overton, Sections 34-36; 5-7, 233-206
    •; 801-727-2862
  • Kelsey Dykman, Sections 8-17; ADA Field; 21-23
    •; 801-727-2835
  • Jenny Gladstone, Sections 24-33
    •; 801-727-2860

Is the Royalty Program based on seats or accounts?

Each Season Ticket Member account has one Royalty Membership account for earning and redeeming rewards. You will receive two Royalty Rewards Cards per account for the season, with the exception of Season Ticket Members who have only one seat for the season.


Where are my tickets?

As many of you are aware, RSL has been making the transition into paperless ticketing. Your season tickets are located in your Flash Seats account, and are linked to your Royalty Rewards card as well.

What is my Royalty Rewards Card?

This is your Real Salt Lake season ticket, rewards card, and Team Store discount card all in one. Simply bring this to the gate and our security team will swipe your card and print your ticket stub(s) for the match, as this card is linked to your Flash Seats account. Tickets can be digitally transferred or sold if you can’t make the match. In addition, you may also show the card at the Team Store to instantly earn 15% off RSL merchandise.

I share tickets. How does this affect me?

If you share tickets with another person within the same account, either Royalty Reward Card issued to you can be used to access your tickets or earn points. If you would like to split your account because you share it with a friend or family member please discuss this with your fan relations representative.  

What if my card is stolen, lost, or damaged?

If your card comes up missing at any point in the season, please contact your Fan Relations Representative or call 801-727-2702 in order to receive a replacement.

Can I request additional cards?

Additional cards, excluding replacement cards, can be ordered on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact your Fan Relations Representative or call 801-727-2702 for more information on additional cards.


There is an error in my points calculation – what do I do?

If there happens to be an error in your point calculation, please contact your Fan Relation Representative or call 801-727-2702.

Can I purchase points?

Points are not available for purchase. Certain purchases made, such as Team Store or concessions purchases, will earn you points. Typically, you will earn one point for every dollar spent on these purchases.

How do I earn “royalties” (points)?

There are multiple ways to earn points by being a Season Ticket Member. Earning points is as simple as doing the things you already do as an RSL fan. You can earn points in multiple ways, including, but not limited to: renewing current or purchasing new season tickets, attending home matches, entering the stadium 30 minutes prior to kickoff, buying concessions, team store purchases, and engaging with us on social media. We are constantly on the lookout for additional ways to reward our season ticket members, and welcome any additional ideas of ways to earn points.

How often are “royalties” (points) updated?

Some rewards will allow for points to be applied instantly but in some cases they will be uploaded manually. To ensure points are allocated correctly, please allow up to (10) business days for new points to appear on your account. If you see any discrepancies on your account, please contact your Fan Relations Coordinator directly or call the Fan Relations Hotline at 801-727-2702.

Can I transfer my “royalties” (points) to another person?

Yes you can. We encourage you to earn points even if you don’t plan on redeeming them. You can send them to friends and family as long as they are also RSL Season Ticket Members.

Will my “royalties” (points) expire?

Yes they will. December 31st is the last day to redeem points for the year and they will not roll over. The point system starts over ever year on January 1st with initial points based on renewal status added to your account.

I made a team store and/or concessions purchase and points have not yet been added to my account. How do I receive those points?

At this time, we, unfortunately, are not equipped for automatic point updates with these types of purchases. We are in the process of determining the best system to use to award your points automatically for purchases made. In the meantime, if you make any purchases that you should be receiving points for, please email a copy of your receipt(s) to and we will add those points into your account for you.Rewards:

How do I redeem my “royalties” (points)?

Rewards will be available for redemption through your account. There will be items, activities and discounts you can redeem instantly, auctions to bid on, or sweepstakes you can enter to win. All of these will be exclusive to season ticket members. You will be contacted by a Royalty Rewards Representative with instructions on how to receive your reward.

Can I suggest a potential reward?

Yes, you can. We welcome all ideas, as well as feedback, to improve the program. Please keep in mind that we do have certain restrictions we have to abide by so some ideas may not be totally feasible. We will, however, work on getting the best rewards possible for you.

If I don’t win an auction or sweepstakes, do I lose the points I bid or enter?

No, you will not forfeit any points used to bid on an auction or entered into a sweepstakes, unless you win. After the auction or sweepstakes has ended, and the winner receives his or her prize, any points entered will be returned to your account.

How often are rewards updated?

New rewards are being added each month. Some rewards may be available all year long, some may rotate throughout the year, and some may be available just once. Be sure to check the Royalty Rewards website often to see the current rewards available for redemption.