USL: Week 16 Power Rankings

If Drake has taught us anything, it's "you used to call me on my cell phone."

The second thing would surly be, "yolo" is an awful saying.

Somewhere between number three and 974 would definitely be, going "back-to-back" is a good thing.

Especially when "back-to-back" translates to 6 points in one week & a unanimous #1 selection in the USL power rankings.

"The Monarchs have 10 consecutive wins at Rio Tinto Stadium under their belt after the past week, which has given them a sizeable cushion despite SAFC’s game in hand on them. The relentlessness with which Real attacks has been difficult for most teams to deal with this season, putting the side two-thirds of the way to the New York Red Bulls II’s USL record of 21 overall victories a season ago only 17 games into the season."

You can see the rest of the USL power rankings here.

Or you can skip it & start a hip hop thread in the comment section below.

Totally up to you.

That's right.

Come for the soccer, stay for the random pop culture references.

You're welcome, RSL nation.