Quote Sheet: RSL 2-1 TFC

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jeff Cassar

On what it means to have Jordan Allen step up:
Well its real positive. Its good when young players can gain that experience in that type of game and also to come through. And I’ve got to imagine that his confidence is going to be high. The staff and myself have confidence in all of our players and Jordan came through tonight.

On Luke Mulholland’s play: 

“I thought he did a great job, both defensively and offensively, and obviously that was a great run from him. We talk about getting an extra person in the box, usually one of those midfielders in the box they are hard to pick up. You now got a defensive midfielder and that is going to attract somebody all the way into the box. Great service from Javi and a great finish.”

On the play of Kyle Beckerman and Javier Morales in light of international absences:

“It’s massive. Anytime those two are on the field, their experience, their leadership, their recognizing what dangers are in the game - I thought they did a really good job of that. I thought Kyle really held the fort down in the defensive mid. Besides the one extremely dangerous play where (Sebastian) Giovinco got through, which I think was even more of our center backs than Kyle, and they dealt with him pretty well tonight.”

On Javier Morales’ two assists:

“I just watched the replay and you see how he lifts his head up really quick, and how he just sees it and believes it and how he served the ball.  Again that was a great run by Luke and it was a fantastic job by our team to win the ball in a high area.”


Real Salt Lake Forward/Defender Jordan Allen

On the goal:

“There was so much adrenaline, and it was just a moment that I've been waiting for for so long. It was really just a great moment for me personally and for the team, also, to get the three points.”

On seeing Javier Morales getting ready to cross the ball:

“As soon as you see Javi on the ball in an area like that, you have to expect the ball to come to you. He has the type of quality where he'll put it just like he did to me - right to my head - and give you an easy job to finish it. I had to make sure I was aware and expecting the ball to come through.”

On the response after the goal conceded:

“There's always that natural half-second of disappointment, but we were at home, so we knew we needed to get a positive result. We get scored on, maybe heads drop for a half-second, but then it's right back to it after the whistle blows. We knew we needed to get a result at home.”


Real Salt Lake Midfielder Javier Morales

On his 2 assists:

“On the first one, I saw Luke [Mullholand] running in behind. I tried to play that ball. On the second one, it was too tight, and I just tried to cross the ball. I guessed in that moment that somebody was there, and I was lucky.”

On what it means to have Jordan Allen score:

“It's pretty important. He's been working; he's a good kid. Coming from an injury, he was a little bit sad, but now everything changed. I'm happy for him because he works hard and he does everything well.”

On if a third tie would have been tough to swallow:

“Yes. Another tie at home is not good for anyone, especially because in this situation we are learning and improving, and sometimes you need to win. Tonight, I think the confidence will be different and it will be good for us.”


Real Salt Lake Midfielder Luke Mullholland

On his goal:

“The whole week, Coach Cassar had stressed to me and Javi that if one of us goes, the other one's got to sit and become more central for insurance for Kyle. Javi had the ball on the left side and I thought that was a good opportunity for me to get forward. Then, based on the ball, I just tried to bend my run around the back post just in case it missed anybody and I could be there at the end. I'm delighted. Great ball. I just closed my eyes, got my head on the ball and it ended up in the back of the net.”

On Jordan Allen getting his first goal:

“It was great. Conceding so late would have been a bummer, so delighted to get the win 2-1 and then even more delighted for Jordan to get his first senior professional goal. Congrats to Jordan.”


Toronto FC Head Coach Greg Vanney

On the first half:

“I thought in the first half we were ok defensively.  The one time Morales got facing frontward we lose a runner out of the midfield and Javier plays a good ball. That is one thing we talked about all week, we needed to get pressure to him, force him to play short, force him to play back. The bigger problem for us in the first half is that we were taking up the spots we needed to take up in terms of us being in better spots to be the aggressor. This is what we talked about at halftime and I thought in the second half we dominated the game, for sure controlled the game and found ourselves in good positions. We scored a goal that was a goal, which is ridiculous.  Then we scored a second goal and had a mental lapse. It was the same scenario as the first one, Javier got the ball facing forward and we lost a runner on the back post. We need to be better. I told the guys we need to control the things we can control, which is ourselves and be better defensively and be confident on how we are going to play. The things we can’t control have to get better too, but that isn’t something we can work on.  It is tough to play 7 games on the road. I thought our guys battled and I thought we put ourselves in position to get something out of this game and it was unfortunate we had the letdown at the end to not get something out of this game.”


Toronto FC Forward Robbie Findley

On the game:

“I thought we did well in the first half. I thought we had possession for most of it and we did well. We were able to equalize late in the game. I think we just shut off for a second and they were able to get their second. We just have to do better on that.”

On the international absences:

“I think we did well for the majority of the game and I think we had them in a good position but we had our chances and it was just the way it ended.”

On adjustments at halftime:

“No, we stuck with the same plan and continued to play because we knew we would get our opportunities.”