Javier Morales v. Chivas USA - 06.28.14
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Quote Sheet: RSL 0-1 Chivas USA

Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jeff Cassar

Thoughts on RSL MF Luke Mulholland’s red card:

“The guys have been looking at it in the back and I think it looks pretty bad. I know speaking to Luke [Mulholland] that the intent wasn’t there. When you leave your feet and you expose your cleats, you leave yourself at the mercy at the referee. Hopefully we learn from it. We preach it all the time, ‘stay on your feet, stay on your feet.’ It’s a last ditch effort to leave your feet in the middle of the field. We put ourselves in a tough spot.”

Thoughts on the match:

“We put ourselves in that position, being down a man. I told them that we’ve lost three games this year, two of them we’ve given up red cards. It’s hard enough to win with 11, but with 10, especially early on, it’s very hard. So we’re going to learn from it, but the effort and the commitment from the guys and the fight was off the charts I think. I mean even to create several decent chances, and that’s what we talked about at halftime was we are going to get two or three chances, we knew we were, making sure we keep them off the board and we did that. Sometimes somebody has got to step up and really put it in the back of the net and take some initiative.”

On moving on to the next match v. New England:

“It’s a home game, it’s July 4th. We need three points without a doubt. I would say every game now is extremely important but any time you’re playing at home it’s key. And we’re going to focus on New England now.”

Real Salt Lake DF Nat Borchers

On the early red card:

“It’s just like goals change games, red cards change games. It’s just about how you react and your adjustments you make. We just took it as a really big challenge on ourselves to try and man up and play better and I thought really on the whole we did that.”

On the chances they produced on offense:

“I saw a lot of great stuff from our midfielders and our backs and our strikers. Just the movement was really good, Javier [Morales] was active, Joao [Plata] was active. [Chris] Wingert and Abdoulie [Mansally] were getting up and down the line. [John] Stertzer and Cole [Grossman], you know, those guys were just getting the ball, playing it and moving into space. When you’re forced to do that in games I think it brings out the best in guys.”

Thoughts on returning from the league break with a loss:

“We didn’t struggle to play. We didn’t have a tough performance. We dealt with a red card and we know that when we deal with those things it’s tough. Look at the Portland game for example, we lost the game at home but we were down a man. We’ve had some injuries too and that always affects the team. But again, on the whole, this is one of the best groups I’ve ever been around. We react really well to these kinds of adversities. We’re going to have to man up and get three points at home against New England.”

Real Salt Lake MF Javier Morales

On playing a man down:

“It’s really tough. Sometimes it’s hard to win with 11 guys and with 10 playing 80 minutes, it’s not good. It’s not a good start for us but I think we have to be proud with what we did on the field because we fought until the last minute. We had a couple chances even with 10 men and that is good for us.”

Thoughts on the next match:

“Every game is a big game for us. And now New England is coming home and it’s going to be especially for us because we need a win right now and we have an opportunity next Friday at Rio Tinto Stadium so I hope we can get that.”

On areas that need to be improved:

“I think a little details. When you get a red card in 10 minutes it’s tough to say something. But I think that decision in the beginning of the game and the one decision in the last minute of the game, I think is too big for us. But now we have to keep fighting, you know everyone makes mistakes and we have to be better next time.”

On the RSL’s performance after the red card:

“We have to be proud of what we did on the field. With 10 men [playing] like that, fighting for every ball, trying to possess the ball for long terms of the game that was good, but not good enough because we lost the game. When we play like 80 minutes you get tired and maybe you don’t make the best decisions in the last quarter of the game that is more and important for us.” 

Chivas USA

Chivas USA Head Coach Wilmer Cabrera

Thoughts on the game:

“It was a positive game for us. We started off well. Obviously after a break from MLS, because of the World Cup, it’s normal that all the teams are a little bit rusty with the level, but I think they didn’t have too many options. We could score an unbelievable and beautiful goal by [Erick] Cubo [Torres], who is doing fantastic. That gave us a good possibility to be administering the ball a little bit better and in the second half I think we had options to score another one and it was the desire. We created options but we didn’t finish those possibilities. It was good to finish with three points, a win at home and zero goals against and that’s important for the players.”

On Erick Torres:

“He’s a top scorer player. A player who wants to score, who works hard every day in practice to try to score, to get better, who loves to be around the goal and because he tries all these possibilities, he’s been scoring a lot of goals this year. It’s good for him and also it’s a very good motivation for the rest of the team to have him.”

On Chivas’ luck potentially turning in their favor:

“I hope we can flip the coin in our favor. No doubt that [Real Salt Lake] are a good team. That’s why they have a lot of points and they are one of the top teams in this conference. They played very well, but for us, it was necessary to go out for the three points and we went for the three points. We created good options, we played to win and obviously we have to be able to maybe put in one or two more goals to secure the [win]. I think at this point, what we need is three points, winning at home and when you don’t receive a goal, a shutout, it’s very positive for what is coming for us in the next month, which is very heavy, very complicated.”

On how to maintain the team’s performance going forward:

“We know each other better. Now the team is more compact. The players are working better and we know how to do the job so when we go out, when we go away, we are more compact and we are more synchronized. Today we needed to win at home and that’s what we were looking for. We needed to win at home and today, against a very good rival, we got the three points and we have to look forward now in 72 hours for our next game against San Jose [Earthquakes].”

Chivas USA GK Dan Kennedy

On the team’s fortunes changing after having a red card in their favor:

“I guess we had so many [red cards] against us, we were due to have one for us. Even though we had the game in North Carolina, it’s always tricky coming back off of a long break, I think, to get going, so it’s important we took that step forward today and win the game at home. 1-0, got a shutout, all good.”

On Erick Torres’ goal:

“Unbelievable goal. Some amazing quality there. It just put us in the driver seat for the game. With [RSL] being down a man, they’re normally a good possession team and I’m sure the stats probably show that we had the majority of the ball. All those things, over the course of the game, add up. They were probably fortunate to be in the game the entire time because we didn’t get that second and third goa, which we probably should of.

On Torres’ quality:

“He’s got a quality that he can’t teach. His focus is just superb and for his age, it’s hard to believe what he can really come up with and what he can pull off. The goal tonight reminded me of that bicycle kick in Vancouver last year where it’s really something out of nothing. [Tony Lochhead] got the ball, whips in a great cross and even gets over the defender’s head, but everyone’s thinking he’s got to take a touch, and he made them pay.”

On earning his first shutout of the season:

“As a team, it’s not like I had a lot to do tonight. As a team, it’s important that if we’re going to grind out results, shutouts are key. It takes a little pressure off the four line to get multiple goals in a game. It was nice to start this tough week off with this result.”

Chivas USA FW Erik Torres

On his goal:

“It was a play that I actually took a chance. It was an entire play that developed from a team effort. I just saw the ball coming down and I took the opportunity and scored the goal. From the moment that I saw the ball coming down I just had in mind taking a volley and that’s what I did. Thank God I had the opportunity to connect with a volley and score the goal.”

On the team’s response to the red card early in the game:

“The team obviously had more confidence when that happened and we knew that we needed to score a goal in order to be able to take control of the game. Coming into the second half, we had the instructions to go after the opponent and score another goal and unfortunately we weren’t able to materialize on that but at least we were able to hold on to that zero in the back.”

On breaking Cuauhtemoc Blanco’s record:

“I’m extremely happy and thrilled to have been able to score that goal and I’m very happy to be able to make history in Major League Soccer. I grew up watching Cuauhtemoc play. He was one of my idols growing up and obviously being able to surpass him is something that I cannot even describe.”

On taking on a challenging month ahead:

“We obviously need to make sure that we rest properly and that we work on those lapses that we have in between games and then just follow what the technical staff is asking us to do and try to get the best out of it.”