Olmes Garcia v. Vancouver Whitecaps - 04.13.13
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Quote Sheet: RSL 1-1 Vancouver Whitecaps FC



On what he liked about his team’s performance:

“I like that they got better. I like that we were really under at the beginning of the game, we struggled, and rather than folding up shop and allowing a goal and could have probably multiple goals at that point, the guys stayed pretty focused. It was a pretty mature performance.  They just got better and better as the game went on…Any time you walk out of a place with a point, that’s a result and it’s that kind of result you’re going to need towards the end of the season.”

On goalkeeper Nick Rimando’s performance:

“Excellent. Rimando has just been electrifying for us at the beginning of the year. Typically he takes a little longer to get going, but he’s been amazing. He’s kept us in multiple games now, giving us a chance to pick up points. So hat’s off to him.”

On Kyle Beckerman’s absence for today’s match:

“Kyle had picked up an injury actually on Thursday and it was real questionable as to whether we were going to play him. I believe that the coach made an error and played him when he probably should have taken a moderate approach and not played him because it cost us a substitution. But credit to Kyle, he wants to play through everything. As he said yesterday: ‘if I feel I don’t have a broken bone, I should play.’ So, big credit to him and I appreciate his courage but coaches got to do better now.”


Thoughts on getting the goal:

“I’m really happy because they gave me the opportunity and I’ve been working for it. I dedicate the goal to my family, the coaches and the fans from RSL.

On who the girl on his shirt was:

“When I started playing, my friend who was close to my heart. We had a really good friendship and unfortunately she died on December 1 and that’s why when I scored my first goal here I dedicated it to her.”

On what he hopes to achieve going into next week:

“To keep working and to get three points at home and that’s very important to us.”


Thoughts on the match:

“We did ok. We got a point on the road, a crucial point where we haven’t had the best results on the road. To come here, it’s a tough place to play but I thought we stuck in there and we’re happy with the point. I thought the second half was much better than the first.”

On the handball:

“The handball, I don’t know; it’s questionable. Sometimes the ref will call it, sometimes they won’t but it’s not intentional so you can go back and forth with that. I thought we played a good defense, we were organized. Garcia had a fantastic goal and it would have felt good to get three points but we’re ok with one.”


Thoughts on playing 79 minutes today:

“Happy. The most important thing for me at this moment is that my knee is okay. I think we did a great job most of the time. They got the PK, you know. I want to see it again on TV, but I think we’re happy.”

On the importance of taking advantage of upcoming home stretch:

“We have to because in the games we played away, it was tough for us. We won one and tied this one. Maybe we need to improve our performance on the road.”

On the difficulty of playing on the road in MLS:

“I believe it is a little bit mental, you know? Sometimes when you play away, you say ‘okay, if we tie, we tie. If we lose, we lose’ So maybe we need to change that mentality.”




Thoughts on the match:

“An exciting game, a game that I think we dominated for long spells.  Especially in the first half, we were really happy with how were playing, but we didn’t manage to convert the opportunities that we had. But over the course of the game it was, you know, one of those days where we deserved more. Rimando made a number of fantastic saves. Sometimes you come up against a goalkeeper having a great afternoon and that happened to us today. Overall the play we put together, I was very pleased with. Tactically, it was a solid performance for us… Our effort was very high. We gave the fans an exciting game to watch.”

On Camilo’s performance in the match & missed opportunities to score

“I think he played well today, but it was a bit unfortunate, it was one of those situations where he does take a couple of those chances and we win the game. But he’s got a goal on a penalty kick. He’s shown great composure because it was such a long delay before he got to take it. He’s had a good performance today, he’s been dangerous today. And in general, our front players have done quite well.”

On Russell Teibert’s performance today:

“I think Russell is coming on really well.  I think with our young players, we put them in the best opportunity to succeed, we don’t throw them in before they are ready. We feel they are ready and we want to give them a chance. Russell performed very well today, he covered a lot of ground, he marked out well against the defenders, and he also broke forward, his touch was good, his pass was excellent.  And overall, he’s one of a number of players who played well today.”

On comparison with last season’s successful start:

“I feel very good about how are doing. It’s been a good start of the season…we’ve done well in every game we’ve played. When I look at last season, I think now we’ve got more points or at least as many points as we did last point this season. Last season was the best start ever and everybody was over the top excited as to how good the start was last season. This season is the same, we are slightly better, but we’ve not really been clicking yet. And having said that- we’ve dominated large parts of every game. Some games I would say we’re on top for most of the game. Overall, we are playing very well. There are lots of things for us to build on and we need to take our chances when they come along, and with that, we are winning games.”


Thoughts on the match:

“I thought we played very good in the first half. I had a few chances and I need to score, but I didn’t. We will try to win the next game.”

On his chances in the match:

“I had a couple chances and I need to score, but I continued to play and I was focused on the game. I needed to focus on every pass I made.”

On the positives of the match:

“We had a lot of chances throughout the game and we played very good, but we need to score.”


Thoughts on the match:

“It’s not a great game for us. We played really well. They didn’t really cause any problems and any chances they had, it was chances we gave to them. Overall, I thought it was a game we deserved to win. Another great performance by the team and I think we just need to continue playing the same way.”

On trailing the match:

“That’s something that has been happening, but we showed the character, resilience and the strength we have on this team to come back from positions like that.”

On converting chances:

“It’s not a concern. It would be a bigger concern if we weren’t creating chances, but we are creating chances. It’s something very difficult to do in this league. We’ve got a long way to go and I think we’ve got to be happy with how we are performing so far and have to keep the momentum going for the rest of the season.”


Thoughts on the match:

“It was a great performance by the team. We worked extremely hard to get that result and we had many chances to win the game. There are a lot of positives we can take out of this game and move forward to next week.”

On back-to-back starts and nerves:

“It feels great. I’m happy to be playing in front of the home fans. A lot of time last year I was sitting in the stands only wishing I could be down on the field. It’s a good feeling and I’m really happy. There’s definitely going to be nerves, but it’s about how you channel those nerves in the right direction. If you use them in a positive way, nerves can be good. As the game went on, I was more and more comfortable.”

On chemistry with Reo-Coker:

“I definitely feel the chemistry with Reo-Coker. He helps me both on and off the pitch. He’s like a brother and he’s a great mentor to me. He definitely makes it a lot more comfortable out there for myself.”