Difference Makers

Difference Makers: Sergio Perez

Being a part of La Barra is being a different kind of fan; it’s doing whatever it takes to go to the stadium every single game; it’s always supporting the team no matter what; it’s giving my time and my effort without asking for anything except for the team to leave all they have on the field. All the members of La Barra and I are always looking for new ideas to show the team our support and our love for the colors.

Every match day I feel happy because I'm going to support the team that I love – I feel kind of a necessity to show them my support by singing and playing my drum. Sometimes I feel like people don't understand the passion that I feel for the team, but I feel the need to give my all in the stands and hopefully help push the crowd and the team to give “that little extra” to get the win. That’s something that I have in my blood and something that I’ll always have for Real.  

Real Salt Lake has impacted my life and my family significantly. My wife and two kids come to every game with me, they are all huge RSL fans and they are always helping me when I’m working on projects for La Barra. 

RSL has become a part of our daily routine. Sometimes I have to modify my work schedule or cancel appointments to make it to games or finish projects for La Barra, but I have to do it or my kids would come after me. They are following in my footsteps, they know all the chants and they are learning how to play the drums, too. It feels great to be able to be there for my team, doing something that I love and doing it next to my friends and family.