10 things you (probably) didn't know about Luis Gil


As told to Laura Kashiwase

1) I’m a big fisherman.  I grew up fishing with my Dad.  When I was younger, we would go to a park after soccer games fish for bit to relax.  Now, I love fishing here in Utah.  The Canyons down in Provo are great for trout and bass.  It’s a lot of fun and I’m starting on my fly fishing game.  Fishing is something I’ll do after practice because it doesn’t really require a lot of energy; I can just go to a lake and relax.

2) I love to dance and I love music.  My favorite type of music is hip hop or dance music.  If I could perform with any artist, it would be Michael Jackson.  I love to sing even though I’m not good at it - I’d probably be better at dancing.

3) I’m a cartoon guy even though I’m 18.  I watch a lot of "Family Guy" and anything that can make me laugh.  My host mom also got me started on home decoration shows on HGTV and Oxygen, and  I kind of got into it at one point and watch it here and there a little.  She definitely got me into watching those shows, but they get interesting sometimes!

4) My favorite soccer team (besides RSL) is Real Madrid.  I’m also a huge L.A. Lakers fan.

5) My family had a huge influence on me becoming a professional soccer player.  My dad brought soccer into my life and taught me how to play, and my mom supported me all the way.  I moved to Florida with the U-17 National team when I was 13, so that was a huge decision for them to let me leave home at such a young age. 

6) Coming from Orange County, living in Utah was a big change for me.  It’s much quieter here, but I think that’s a good thing.  There are a lot fewer distractions and its calmer here, so it keeps me a lot more focused on soccer. 

7) My mom has a little Chihuahua named Rocky.  He’s not the prettiest dog, but she thinks he’s so ugly that he’s cute. 

8) I love all types of shoes—dress shoes, running shoes, any type of shoes.  I usually match my shoes to my outfit, unless it’s a lazy day.  But the majority of the time my shoes will match my outfit.  I’m a jacket guy too. 

9) I’m a very quiet and shy person by nature, but once I get to know someone, it’s a whole different story from there. 

10) I didn’t do anything special to celebrate my first MLS goal (August 16, 2011 v. New York).  I just went home and relaxed and soaked it all in.