Camilo goal

Quote Sheet: RSL 1-Vancouver 2







Thoughts on the match:

“I'm really pleased with the performance the guys put in to the first half. A lot of hard work and determination and grit on our part to try and get a result on the road. It's been quite a few games now since we've done that.”

Thoughts on first Whitecaps goal:

“I think it all went for naught when we suffered the first goal, which was, from my point of view, extremely unlucky. For us to clear it off of ourselves and have the ball drop down to their forward in the box.”

Thoughts on the second Whitecaps goal:

“The second goal wasn't good at all. We basically gifted them that goal by trying to play too many passes in a tight space on the right side of the field. A bit naive there, but pleased that the guys responded and worked hard and pleased that they got a goal and got something out of this.”

How to address their struggles on the road:

“We've got to keep working. We've got to keep paying attention to the details and do a little bit better in every aspect of our game.”

Difference this match from two weeks ago:

“I think they got a lucky bounce to open up the scoring and we didn't respond quite as well as I'd have liked to have.



Thoughts on the match:

“I thought we played pretty good. The first half we came out and shut them down. Not really creating a lot of chances but we kept the ball and that's something that we talked about coming into this game. Second half I think we did ok, but then a misclearance led to their goal and after that we were pretty much left chasing the game a little bit. Didn't possess the ball really well after that and I think that's hwo they got down, countered and then Dane got their second.”

Thought's on Richards' goal:

“He did well to use our defender to screen and whipped it around the near post high. I tried to stay low and react as best as I can but I think he did really well.”

Difference from the match two weeks ago:

“I thought we battled pretty hard both games. They have some fantastic players on their team, as do we. Any team that plays at home they get that extra push frmo their fans and will be a little bit more comfortable on their home turf and today I thought they played great and gave us a run for our money and put their chances away.”



Thoughts on the match:

“There wasn't too much between both teams and we got a bit unlucky with the first goal but it was still early. Then Richards took a half chance and scored a really good goal and left us playing catch up really trying to get back in it. We got the goal a bit too late and then just ran out of time.”

Thoughts on Richards goal:

“Richards took a half chance and made it a real chance and a great goal really. Then we just tried to battle on to get one to get back in it. We finally got it but a little too late and we ran out of time.”

Struggles on the road:

“If we had the answer we'd be undefeated. It's something you've got to work at I think that winning on the road is really difficult and not many teams do for some reason. We'll just keep at it and keep working hard and it seems if you can get one, maybe a couple others will come with it so hopefully we'll get one.”

On getting back a goal late in the game:

“It's good to get a goal, so we'll build off that and hopefully that'll help us get a win soon.”




Overall thoughts on match:

"There were lots of good players on the field, and a good atmosphere here at BC Place. I think that has helped us a lot this season. A lot of credit to the fans for building it up and making it hard for the opposition."

On Jay Demerit being subbed off:

"After Jay left the game went a little bit flat up until half time. I thought in the second half we showed a lot more energy, put them under pressure and made them defend more. Camilo came to life a little bit and Darren came to life a little bit. We're really pleased, it's our 10th win of the season."

On Andy O'Brien stepping in for Jay:

"I thought he was fantastic. I thought he strolled through the game and barely gave them any chances. I thought he spoke and communicated very well, which is what we have seen since the first day he has trained with us."

"A lot of the things that he was doing today go unnoticed. The way he organizes, the way he gets the game more compact and knows when to drop off. If you noticed in the game there were a lot less chances for Salt Lake than you would probably expect, and I think some credit goes to him for that."

On Camilo's performance:

"It has just been coming, you could see it the last few games. His confidence is coming back I think today it was a goal and an assist. An excellent performance defensively as well. He's a great finisher, he works on it extra after training as well."

On missing Koffie, Richards and Mattocks for the next game:

"I have lots of confidence in all the other guys that they can step in and play well. It's a good opportunity for those guys and you know we really look forward to the game. Guys will come in now with energy and excitement, ready to play. And I'm sure the crowd will be here roaring us on. That makes a big difference, and that is something that we always enjoy."



On his fitness and his performance:

“Yeah, there were some positives out there. Sometimes it’s bad getting thrown into the game and you got two minutes to think about, but I’m delighted we won the game and that was our objective.”

On his partnership with Martin Bonjour:

“I didn’t train with him this week, but the communication was very good. Football is our second language and we all have different styles of defending, but I thought we played well.”

Thoughts on the match:

“I thought in the first half it was a bit flat, but in the second half we were more comfortable and we got two good goals and the win, which is what we needed.”



On getting the start:

“It was a huge result for us, obviously being at home and playing in front of the fans was a little settling for me. It was unfortunate we gave up one late, but overall it was a good performance by us.”

On colliding with DeMerit:

“I just went to go punch the ball and Jay came from the side of me and I got hit by his head. It was just one of those where I had to go for it and it was unfortunate Jay got hit in the head. I feel fine, I think I got a bruise on the side of the head, but other than that, I don’t feel dizzy or anything.”

On Andy O’Brien subbing in DeMerit:

“For Andy, he has a full week under him and it was a bit unexpected, but he did fantastic when he stepped in. Coming from the EPL and playing over 400 games speaks for itself. He came in, settled in, calmed us down at the back and made it easy for us all night.”



On his winning goal:

“I passed it to Darren and then I saw the ball come to me, I controlled it and put it in the net.”

On getting back to form:

“Last season was hard, but I keep working hard. Everyone supports me and I had a lot of support today.”

On Rennie’s positive feedback:

“Yes, Martin Rennie tells us to defend well and I have been working on that. We have nine clean sheets this year and this is good for us; in order to win, we need to work hard.”