Maintenence crews attempt to clear away the standing water at Estadio Azul on Aug. 25.

Videographer recalls Cruz Azul - RSL match sent staff videographer Scott Riddell down to Mexico City for CONCACAF Champions League match between Cruz Azul and Real Salt Lake hoping he could catch history. And he did. But did he stay dry doing it? Of course not.

Still, as part of the Real Road Trip series that examined a tough stretch for RSL that took them from Mexico City to Toronto inside of a week, Riddell was in the right place at the right time for what we voted our Game of the Year in 2010. Here, in Riddell's own words, are his memories from Cruz Azul's 5-4 win over RSL on Aug. 25.

I was fortunate enough to be traveling with Real Salt Lake that week, starting in Salt Lake City the previous Saturday and ending in Toronto the following weekend, with a big trip to Mexico City right smack dab in the middle. We knew it was going to be a tough game — MLS history in Mexico and all that — but at least the weather was supposed to cooperate.

Training the day before was beautiful, and even during warm-ups it was only thinking about drizzling. Nine goals, two-plus hours of downpour, and a soaked set of clothes and shoes later, I dragged myself (and my damp but remarkably undamaged camera gear) onto the team bus with a bummed but not depressed group of players and staff.

WATCH: Real Road Trip at Cruz Azul

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The emotional extremes of the game's final 15 minutes were incredible, with probable victory shifting to defeat to a remarkable draw back to an even more remarkable defeat. I was there to work first, and if that had remained my only involvement in the match, I would have been frustrated enough all night. It was almost impossible to keep both my cameras or any extra equipment dry down on the field, with the aforementioned soaked clothes, the plastic bags I had to use to keep even one camera operational, and all the other difficulties a pouring rainstorm heaps onto a videographer and his duties.

Instead, I was quickly able to shift into "fan of the game" and "fan of an MLS team actually taking it to a Mexican team in Mexico" modes, and as a result, the experience is one I'll never forget.

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