RSL News Stand: Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We don't want our fans to starve of soccer news during the off-season!  Here's the news stand to keep you up to date on RSL and around the League.

Luis Gil and the Generation ADIDAS squat faired well overseas GA top Atlético reserves, finish tour unbeaten

RSL's Development Academy team does well at the Winter Showcase in Arizona: MLS fares well at 2010 Development Academy Showcase Showcase Recap

Keeping an eye on the Re-Entry Draft:
SB Nation: Salary Constraints Will Likely Limit Action During Re-Entry Draft McCarthy's Musings: Need Should Dictate Choices In First Stage Of MLS Re-Entry Process Monday MLS Breakdown: Uncertainty Swirls Around Re-Entry Process



Soccer by Ives: MLS Generation adidas team trounces Atletico Madrid reserves

Keepin’ it Real: Goals, Goals and More Goals: Winter Showcase

Keepin’ it Real: Maikon “Mikey” Orellana

RSL Soapbox: Real Salt Lake fans, time to donate for a chance to win prizes by helping Dog4Deeds

MLS Soccer Talk: World Cup, Expansion Draft Thoughts: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast