MLS Quote Sheet- RSL 4 : 1 KC

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010





On RSL extending its MLS winning streak to five games:

“To have something on the line, with trying to be the first Real Salt Lake team in history to win five in a row and to get a little bit of vengeance on Kansas City for being the last team to get a result against us here last year – to have both of those things on the line and to come through is important for us.”

On RSL’s red-hot month of May:

“I am obviously pleased that our players are not only getting results but are playing with a bit of confidence now. So even on a night like tonight when the soccer isn’t great you still feel like our guys are composed and mature and believe in each other and think that the results are going to come.”

On getting the result:

“It was not a great night of soccer on our part – it was a little disjointed. I don’t think we passed the ball as well as we have on past occasions. But it was good to see that we made the critical plays and we head out of here with three points.”

On the partnership of Espíndola and Saborío up top:

“I think that they have a good relationship. I think they both look for each other and run off each other very well, and when you include Javier [Morales] in that triangle you see some really nice combination from those three players.



On his goal in the first half:

“I was lucky because the goalkeeper missed the ball. I went in with my foot and got the ball in the goal.”

On his ability to always be in the right places:

“This is just the work of a forward, the work of a number nine. You have to focus and make goals and be dangerous, and when I make goals I am happy.”



On scoring his first MLS goal in his 39th League contest:

“I figured since [Chris] Wingert could do it, I could do it! Really though, it was great for Wingert getting that goal last week; he really had earned it, he works on it so much during play. Being a defender and getting a goal is great. If you look at the replay there is almost a look of surprise on my face. The goal felt great, but getting a win on top of that felt even better.”

On RSL’s club record fifth straight win:

“At the beginning part of the season we had so many difficult road games. We started the season off at 1-3-1 and everyone was kind of concerned. But when you look at those away games, we were playing the top three teams from last year on their home field. We really felt like we were in every game and had a chance to win every game. And then we came into this home stretch and we knew that if we could get a couple of wins under our belt we would be fine.”



On the five-match winning streak:

“It feels good. It’s one of those things where we don’t look at it and say, ‘Now we have to get six in a row, can we get to seven?’ Every game we go into this year we feel like we should get three points, it doesn’t matter where we play or who we play. If you look at every game, even the ones we didn’t get a win, you could make a legitimate case that we could have gotten three points.”

On getting contributions from different players:

“I think it says a lot about our depth. It was a big thing last year going into this year that they wanted to find a lot of guys more minutes. Jean [Alexandre] is getting a lot of minutes now. A lot of players have stepped up in a lot of games now.”



Overall thoughts on the match:

“We gave up two early goals, and that puts you in a hole no matter if you are home or away. Obviously if you’re away it’s a little more difficult. It was good to get a goal right before halftime and sort of get a little momentum back.

“We came out in the second half trying to tweak a few things and get back in the game. Obviously the free kick and the ejection of our guy put us into a big hole – a much bigger hole that was much more difficult to get out of. Whether it’s 2-1 or 4-1, it is what it is.”

On Josh Wolff’s goal:

“I think the response of getting that goal was good and we actually had a play there at the end of the game that we could have gotten something out of as well. Again, you can’t give up that third one like we did and then getting the guy ejected at that point when we’re trying to get back in the game just puts us in a big hole.”

On any positives from the evening:

“It was good for us to come back and score that goal in the first half. A lot of times teams do give up when they’re away from home and it seemed like we got back in the game; it wasn’t like we were out of it.”



On the game:

“We came out there with intensity. Went down a goal, went down two goals, and we fought and got back into it and got a goal before half. I felt like we came into the second half ready to go but unfortunately things just didn’t go our way. We had the pressure on and somehow they found a way to score and we just couldn’t get back into it.”

On keeping positive after going down early:

“I think for any team it’s hard to keep your spirits up, but I think it was easier for us because we’ve been in that position before. We were talking about it before; you just always give everything you’ve got and work for the team.”



On the match:

“We came here believing we could make a good result today, but we made it very hard on ourselves with two easy goals in the beginning for Salt Lake. It was like a replay from the last six games of ours. Up the hill, came back, had a good goal and put them under good pressure, but in the second half we had the ball enough but we didn’t create enough. In the end we had to gamble and go all in but we lost.”