Real Monarchs 2 Minnesota United FC 3

Zions Bank Stadium; Herriman, UT

April 8, 2022

Head Coach Jamison Olave

On playing a better second half:

“In the first half, we weren’t clean with the ball. There were some mistakes there. It could’ve been nervousness, insecurity, but besides that, they played way better in the second half. Mistakes happen. They’re going to make mistakes, and we came back from those mistakes in the second half. They accepted it, and then reacted to it, and played hard.”

On keeping the morale up despite recent losses:

“We have to keep going. We have to keep going. There were a couple really good moments there. The result wasn’t what we we’re expecting, but there were some really good moments so we have to focus on that.”

On player development and the results of the games:

“The results matter. We have to develop the kids; the quality, tactically, even mentally, we have to help them build this competitiveness. We don’t want players coming here and doing fancy things but then just lose again. That’s not the best thing to do. Right now, the results aren’t going our way, but we played well, and by playing well, the results will start going our way.”

Midfielder Christian Nydegger

On being physical on the pitch and getting an assist:

“It’s bittersweet. We would’ve rather come away with a point or three points. It’s a good start, it was a hard-fought game. We’ve got some young players, and they battled out there. There was an unlucky mistake at the beginning. I think that game should’ve ended up 2-2 at least. We had some other chances we could’ve finished, but overall, we’re improving and we’re getting better and we’re putting goals away, which is the important thing.”

On battling back at the end of the game:

“I think one of the biggest things was that we switched our formation, which helped a lot. We got some young guys, maybe some nerves, and this isn’t the most ideal pitch, but it’s beautiful and we love being out here with the fans. We pushed as hard as we could, and in the end, we didn’t make it all the way, but it was a good comeback. We’re gonna look to start off the first half a little bit better next week.”

On playing with such a young team:

“We’ve got a great system here, these players are ready for it. We got a lot of the boys flying out in the morning for Generation Adidas Cup to go ball out down there. They’ve got the opportunity, and they’re taking advantage of it. We’ve got Luis [Rivera], a 14-year-old center back. You don’t see that often, but they’re doing really well. They’re ready for it, and we’re excited. There’s a lot of good talent in our academy, and that’s what we’re about here: developing. We’re looking for those three points, but in the end, it’s all about pushing each other.”