Quote Sheet

Real Monarchs 0-3 North Texas SC

Zions Bank Stadium, Herriman, UT

May 20, 2022

Forward Pedro Fonseca

On being back at home in front of the fans:

“It was good having the support. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to use this strength, this force that the fans give to us. We need to be better. It’s the little details, but this game is about the little details. Every game, we feel like we get close and have opportunities, but we’ve been unable to capitalize. We need to focus on the next one on Wednesday and use the fans as something positive for us for the next game.”

On what the team talked about during halftime:

“We just need to believe. We needed to come out here, at home, and put their back line under pressure and try to put as much pressure on it as we can. We tried to create opportunities, but unfortunately they were able to score more goals, and then we tried to go forward, but then they scored a third one. At halftime, we believed we could come back, but that wasn’t the case. As I said before, we need to focus on the next game.”

On what he learned from this game:

“We played a really good team. They were a good team, obviously, and there are negative things to learn from, like individual mistakes, but we are a group, so we need to learn from those mistakes and try to just do better in the next game.”

Head Coach Jamison Olave 

On what he said to his team at halftime: 

“In the first half we created a couple of chances that we didn’t put away. We knew that North Texas had a lot of speed in the front. We knew that they wanted to force turnovers like they did in the first half. The message was that we were doing the right things but we have to be even more aggressive now. We are playing at home so we have to get out and try to press it a little more. We created a couple more chances before they got their second goal but once they got that goal it changed the game completely. They made a couple of substitutions that changed the game. They didn’t do anything that we weren’t expecting. They defended well and controlled the tempo.  

Thoughts on the crowd’s energy

“I can’t say anything less than thank you to the people that come here everytime. More people are coming to every game, and the environment is getting better and better. I just want to say thank you. I’m going to be sure that the team gets much better. We have to start winning games and picking up points at home because what happened today was unacceptable.”

Thoughts on what’s lacking

“We’re still conceding a lot of goals. We conceded two silly goals against Tacoma [Defiance] the last game. In this game, the second one came from a mistake. It’s that. We just need to stop conceding silly goals, and we need to score. At the beginning of the season, we were conceding but we were scoring. Pedro [Fonseca] was scoring, [Tyrone] Mondi scored a couple of goals too. We have to stop conceding that type of goal because it changes the game.”