Real Monarchs

Real Monarchs fall 5-3 to Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2

Vancouver, Canada (Saturday, March 23, 2024) -

Real Monarchs fall to Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 in a 5-3 match comprised of six second half goals. Entering the match both squads stood with two points earning shootout wins last week.

The Monarchs came out strong dominating possession and earning three corners in the first 14 minutes but posed no threat skying one shot and the other two being easily fielded by Whitecaps 2 keeper Max Anchor. The momentum would start to shift towards Vancouver as they fired their first shot of the match in the 20th minute that would be deflected earning their first of four corners in a five minute span. Vancouver took sole possession of the momentum on their fourth free kick where a ball was sent in and put on frame off of the crossbar. Just three minutes later Eliot Goldthrop received a ball, cut across the top of the box and fired a shot to the near post finding the back of the net to give Vancouver a 1-0 lead. 

Moments before halftime the Monarchs regained some possession attacking in the final third as Tommy Silva’s cross to the box was deflected by the keeper and Ilijah Paul’s rebound shot was saved by Anchor. With the Monarchs pressed forward Vancouver took advantage of a defensive breakdown in transition to attack. As center back Zack Farnsworth made a last stitched attempt to stop the attack Farnsworth conceded a penalty kick trying to poke the ball out. Lowell Wright went left as Monarchs goalkeeper Marzuq Puckerin dove right and the Whitecaps extended their lead to two in the 45+2 minute. 

Vancouver maintained the majority of the possession in the early part of the second half adding on to the lead with another goal in the 55th minute. Despite being down 0-3, the Monarchs’ efforts remained strong. Three minutes later, the rookie duo composed of Matthew Bell and Damien Barker John connected to find the back of the net for Barker John’s first professional goal and the Monarchs’ first goal of the season. Real Monarchs cut into the lead once again in the 64th minute thanks to Barker John finishing the ball midfielder Noel Caliskan placed over the top.

It didn’t take long for Vancouver to respond, scoring in the 68th minute off of a second ball from a corner kick coming over the top and a near post finish for Nicolas Fleuriau Chateau. Following the goal SLC substituted three in their first period bringing on Beni Redzic, Izzy Amparo, and Jude Wellings for Owen Anderson, Luca Moisa, and Paul.

Redzic made his impact almost immediately cutting inside and firing a shot at the keeper with Bell scoring on the deflecting bringing the Monarchs within one with just under 18 minutes left in the match. Nearing the 90th minute a back and forth battle occurred with neither side maintaining majority of possession until Vancouver slotted a through ball through the Monarchs’ backline as Cyprian Kachwele found the back of the net putting the match on ice after being subbed on only minutes earlier. The final whistle sounded after two minutes of stoppage time with the scoreline 5-3 in favor of Vancouver. 


VAN: 28’ Eliot Goldthrop

VAN: 45’+2’ Lowell Wright (P)

VAN: 55’ Eliot Goldthrop

SLC: 58’ Damien Barker John; Matthew Bell assist

SLC: 64’ Damien Barker John; Noel Caliskan assist

VAN: 68’ Nicolas Fleuriau Chateau

SLC: 72’ Matthew Bell

VAN: 86’ Cyprian Kachwele


Real Monarchs (4-4-2): Marzuq Puckerin, Tommy Silva,  Zack Farnsworth, Omar Alba, Keller Storlie, Matthew Bell , Noel Caliskan (Griffin Dillon 83), Luca Moisa (Jude Wellings 68), Damien Barker John (Omar Marquez 72), Ilijah Paul (Beni Redzic 68), Owen Anderson (Izzy Amparo 68)

Subs not used: Bobby Pierre, Fernando Delgado, Cayne Madhlongove

Vancouver Whitecaps (4-4-2): Max Anchor, Immanuel Mathe, Finn LInder, Buster Sjoberg, Mihail Gerasimencov, Eliot Goldthrop (Darko Ilic 83), Malcolm Simmons (Malek Mehri 90), Jeevan Badwal (Liam Mackenzie 77), Jay Herdman, Lowell Wright (Mateo Clark 90), Nicolas Fleuriau Chateau (Cyprian Kachwele 77)

Subs not used: Luca Chen, Trystan Read, Dembo Saidykhan, Sahai Williams

Stat Summary: SLC/VAN

Shots: 11/12

Shots on Goal: 6/6

Saves: 1/3

Corner Kicks: 5/6

Fouls: 15/14


SLC: Matthew Bell (Yellow, 35) Zack Farnsworth (Yellow, 54)

VAN: Eliot Goldthrop (Yellow, 64) Lowell Wright (Yellow, 90)