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Real Salt Lake name Freddy Juarez head coach, Elliot Fall general manager
December 3, 2019
MLS discusses the experience of Freddy Juarez and Elliot Fall heading into their new permanent roles.

Dell Loy Hansen: Real Salt Lake hiring Elliot Fall and Freddy Juarez shows development not just for players
December 3, 2019
The RSL Developmental Ladder is for every position within the organization and this feature highlights this through a breakdown of the promotions and their histories with the club.

New Real Salt Lake Technical Director Dan Egner on RSL’s future and his Rise from USL to MLS
The Athletic
December 3, 2019
Jeff Rueter builds an extensive profile for RSL's new Technical Director, Dan Egner, featuring his rise and success within Real Salt Lake.

Real Salt Lake stays with Freddy Juarez as coach, Elliot Fall as GM
December 3, 2019
ESPN breaks down the Freddy Juarez's performance since taking over as Interim Head Coach and touches on Elliot Fall's history within RSL before finishing off with Brooks Lennon's transfer to Atlanta United.

RSL names Freddy Juarez, Elliot Fall, and Tony Beltran to leadership
December 3, 2019
Highlights the annoucements of Elliot Fall, Freddy Juarez, Tony Beltran and Dan Egner's new roles and provides audio of the press conference.

RSL’s Tony Beltran talks new coach and GM for RSL
December 3, 2019
Former RSL defender and new Assistant General Manager Tony Beltran sits down to talk about his new role as well as the new head coach and GM positions and the future of RSL.

RSL Retains Freddie Juarez as Coach
Salt Lake Tribune
December 3, 2019
Provides a summary of yesterday’s press conference, complete with quotes from owner Dell Loy Hansen and new Head Coach Freddy Juarez. The article also discusses the developmental ladder and the future of RSL.

Interim no more: Real Salt Lake promotes Freddy Juarez to head coach
December 3, 2019
Sean Walker introduces the 'new' Real Salt Lake front office by talking about the familiarity they already have with the team. Walker highlights the passion and cohesion of the front office and the developmental model RSL is adopting that fits the technical staff well.

Elliot Fall, Freddy Juarez Named RSL General Manager, Head Coach
KSL Sports
December 3, 2019
Profile’s the long-standing history both Elliot Fall and Freddy Juarez have within the club, highlighting the developmental ladder as mentioned by Dell Loy Hansen.

RSL announces Freddy Juarez, Elliott Fall as coach, GM after interim spell
RSL Soapbox
December 3, 2019
The Soapbox provides quotes from Dell Loy Hansen, Elliot Fall, Freddy Juarez, and Tony Beltran on their new roles within the club after being near the top of the RSL structure for several months.

Why hiring Freddy Juarez makes sense for RSL
RSL Soapbox
December 3, 2019
Matt Montgomery breaks down why Freddy Juarez may be the right choice for Real Salt Lake as the new Head Coach, including needing someone familiar with RSL and having experience in the Academy.

'I love the club’: Real Salt Lake tabs Freddy Juarez new head coach, Elliot Fall as General Manager
Deseret News
December 3, 2019
Deseret News details Fall's history with the club and his passion for RSL. The article also provides a profile for Freddy Juarez including his playing and coaching history.

Freddy Juarez named permanent head coach of Real Salt Lake
December 3, 2019
Profiles Freddy Juarez and his tenure at Real Salt Lake, including his time at the RSL Academy and the importance of that experience in the RSL developmental ladder. This article also goes into a detailed profiling of Elliot Fall and Tony Beltran.

Real Salt Lake names head coach and general manager
Fox13 News
December 3, 2019
This artic
le briefly introduces Freddy Juarez, Elliot Fall, Dan Egner and Tony Beltran in their new roles along with quotes from Dell Loy Hansen about the promotions. The article also briefly touches upon the reasoning for the replacements.

Real Salt Lake announces Freddy Juarez as 5th head coach in club history
December 3, 2019
SoccerWire introduces Freddy Juarez as the new head coach with the press release issued by Real Salt Lake after yesterday’s announcement.

Real Salt Lake Hires Head Coach Freddy Juarez, GM Elliot Fall
ProSoccer USA
December 3, 2019
Each member of the new front office is highlighted in this article, with an emphasis on Freddy Juarez’s experience in the club and his hiring after the Jason Kreis rumors.

Freddy Juarez Drops the Interim Title at RSL, Orlando Hire Pareja
December 4, 2019
Freddy Juarez goes into his new coaching role with big tests ahead of him in his first full season at the helm. League's Cup play along with finding a replacement for the legendary Nick Rimando 'creates an interesting set of expectations.'

Armchair Analyst: In going with Juarez, RSL confirm their path to the first team
December 3, 2019
Matt Doyle breaks down the 'build from within' mentality of Real Salt Lake, highlighting the recent hiring of Elliot Fall and Freddy Juarez as examples.

Real Salt Lake hires Freddy Juarez as head coach
Capital Sports Report
December 3, 2019
A brief piece highlights Freddy Juarez, his history with the club and quotes from Juarez and Dell Loy Hansen.

Real Salt Lake names head coach, general manager
Gephardt Daily
December 3, 2019

Introduces each member of the new front office staff from Tuesday's announcement while featuring their histories in the club, performances, and the circumstances leading to their promotions. The feature closes with a brief history of Real Salt Lake.

RSL names Freddy Juarez as head coach, Elliot Fall as general manager
December 3, 2019
KUTV briefly introduces Juarez, Fall, Egner, and Beltran into their new roles before going into an extensive history of Juarez and Fall with their long tenure at RSL, with quotes on their new positions.

MLS Ticker: Toronto FC adds Agudelo, RSL keeps Freddy Jaurez as head coach and more
December 3, 2019
In a league extensive piece to recap this week's events, SBI recaps Tuesday's press conference and the annoucements of Juarez and Elliot Fall as head coach and general manager, respectively.