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MLS Post-game Quote Sheet - Real Salt Lake 2 : 1 New England

MLS Post-game Quote Sheet 

Real Salt Lake 2: 1 New England Revolution

Sat, 05/5/2012




On tonight’s match:

“Great crowd tonight. I hoped they enjoyed the show the boys put on for them. At the end of the night we got the points we wanted, so pleased for that”


On tonight’s red cards:

“Well the first red card we were a goal up fortunately, so it just puts us into a spot where we have to defend, and defend hard. We worked extremely hard, and tried to be sound whenever we had the ball, and hold it as best as we could. Then when it goes level [2nd red card] you could see the gears changing a little bit for the players.”


On Alvaro Saborίo and the offensive squad:

“One thing that’s stayed consistent is that he works hard, and that’s what I ask. I keep saying it doesn’t always matter to me that the forwards score goals; I don’t think they have to in order to be a successful team.  I think we have 11 players out there…10…hopefully Rimando won’t be scoring any goals soon, but 10 other guys that contribute on the offensive statute.


On New England’s goal:

“I thought we were the team that had the ball probably 80% of the time, and then it goes in the counter attack. Tony Beltran’s is in a very advanced position, as we want him to be, when we have the ball. Tony recovered, and I do know he and Olave were both close enough to make a play, but they let him cut inside.  We’ve talked about it. It’s simple for me, when we get two defenders on one attacker we need to do our best.”


On tonight’s goalkeepers:

“I think they’re both special players in the match tonight. For me, Nick got us the 3 points.  Without him in goal, we probably would have walked away with one. At the same time I would say that Matt Reis kept them in the game as well, so two fantastic players on display tonight that played to the top of their potential.”


On the 3-set of games approaching this week:

“I am considering some rotation. I do think that playing three games is very difficult on the players. We did it last week and I think we did pretty well. Towards the end of that third match, we had some guys that were really dying, but we also have some other players that have contributed and need the opportunity. I want us to continue to be aggressive, and continue to take our chances. If they go in fantastic, and if they don’t, hopefully that’ll build us some sort of momentum that will play dividends as the match goes on.




New England Forward Blake Brettschneider

On his first goal of the season:

“We felt confident going forward, but this is a tough place to play, and with altitude and the environment, to be able to come in and get a first goal was great. It felt good to get the weight off my shoulders.  It felt great, but it wasn’t enough for the night. It was a good boost for us, but just wasn’t enough. Back to work”


On tonight’s results:

“We got people with tired legs, I thought we did a really good job down to the end, but Rimando did a real good job with those saves. My hat is off to him.”


New England Revolution Midfielder Clyde Simms

On playing against RSL’s midfield:

“We feel that Salt Lake’s pride and joy is in the midfield, that’s where they like to play. They stay tight both offensively and defensively, so we try to clog up the middle and change their game plan a little bit.”


On New England moving on:

“We’ve ha d a tough schedule so far. A lot of traveling, and been on the road a lot, so it’s going to be very good to get back home and have fresh legs. We feel like we are playing great soccer, just a little unfortunate with our results. Some of the goals given up have been a little soft and we will work on that and get better to be able to become a tough team.”