Heroes Among Us - September 2015

Ruth Brasher

Heroes Among Us

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to recognize Ruth Brasher as the recipient of the “Heroes Among Us” honor on September 19th, 2015. Ruth is known as The Teddy Bear Lady. Once a month for the last 22 years she has run a service project at her church making Teddy Bears to help comfort abused children. Ruth, and the dozens of others that help her, deliver up to 90 bears a month to the Utah County Children’s Justice Center. The children receive their Teddy Bears after going through interviews and exams to help soften the experience. The true impact from receiving the gift is that the kids leave the justice center knowing someone cares about them. To date, our hero’s group has made almost 22,000 bears with many of them becoming a child’s only friend. She is an example of the positive impact we can have in our communities when we make time to help others.