Heroes Among Us - September 2013

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to recognize Gregg Rosann and Rebekah Richards as the recipients of the “Hero Among Us” honor on September 21st 2013. Gregg and Rebekah founded the Graduation Alliance to help give high school dropouts a path to a diploma. The school has provided students across the country an opportunity to return to school with the flexibility, social support and academic interventions they need to get to graduation day. The students Graduation Alliance helps have many different reasons for leaving school. Some students are fleeing gangs and bullies, some are caring for children of their own and some are caregivers to ailing family members. Without the programs and policies enacted by Gregg and Rebekah many of these students would not have the opportunity to return to school. This year 120 students will graduate through programs facilitated by the Graduation Alliance thanks to the vision and hard work of Gregg and Rebekah.

Heroes Among Us

Gwenn Webb, Rebekah Richards, Gregg Rosann and Real Salt Lake Representative Sam Allen