Heroes Among Us - October 2016

Nour Eddin Abdul Bari

Heroes Among Us

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to have recognized, Nour Eddin Abdul Bari as the recipient of the “Heroes Among Us” honored on October 16, 2016.
Our hero comes to us from the International Rescue Committee’s. The IRC was established in 1994 here in Salt Lake City and have resettled over 10,000 refugees. The IRC mission is to help people whose lives and livelihood are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future.
Nour and his family were resettled by the IRC in 2015 and was one of the first Syrians family to be relocated to Salt Lake City. It was a difficult situation as the family had nothing here and didn’t know the English language. But with the support and help from the IRC, our hero was able to establish his own food business in a little over a year through the Spice Kitchen Incubator Program. This allowed Nour to provide for his family, meet new American friends and market his business.
Nour knew how hard it was to restart their lives here, so he has made it his duty to be an ambassador for the IRC to help the newly arrived Syrian refugees feel welcome within the community. Now with the support from other families, our hero has created an organization to continue this support system for new refugees called Jasmine. Nour wanted to thank everyone from the International Rescue Committee and Spice Kitchen Incubator for all their support. And a special thanks to Omar.