Heroes Among Us - May 2013

Real Salt and American Express are proud to recognize Jaylee Dutcher as the recipient of the “Hero Among Us” honor on May 4th 2013. Jaylee is an eight year old girl who we would all have a hard time keeping up with. She is a skier, a dancer and a daredevil at the skate park and she does it all in a wheelchair. Jaylee has Spina Bifida. When she was born she had a small opening in her back that left her paralyzed from the waist down but Jaylee has never let Spina Bifida or her wheelchair slow her down. In fact you may find her at the local skate park using that wheelchair to launch her off jumps. Inspired by Aaron Fotherinham, a Nitro Circus stunt man also in a wheelchair because of Spina Bifida, she likes to go fast and hit the big jumps. Her father describes her as absolutely fearless. She is an inspirational young girl with an attitude on life we could all learn from.


Jaylee Dutcher, and Director of American Express Michelle Pamplin.


Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to recognize Kent Hendrix as the recipient of the “Hero Among Us” honor on May 25th 2013.

Kent is a Millcreek man who heard that his neighbor was in danger and wasted no time rushing to her aid. Kent woke up on the morning of April 23rd to the sound of his son pounding on his bedroom door, yelling that a woman on their street was being attacked; he immediately jumped up and ran to help. On the way out the door he grabbed his closest weapon, a 29 inch carbon steel samurai sword. The 47 year old father of 6 wielded his sword while he and a group of neighbors confronted the assailant. The assailant gave up his attack and fled the scene; he later turned himself in to the police. Kent is a martial arts instructor with a black belt who has spent decades studying karate. This was the first time he had to use martial arts in defense but he was happy to use his years of training for good.


Kent Hendrix and Dell Marchant, and Director of American Express.