Heroes Among Us - May 2010

May 1, 2010 –Kristie Giles

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to announce Kristie Giles as tonight’s recipient of the newly-created “Heroes Among Us” honor, being awarded at each RSL home game in 2010 to a deserving member of thelocal community that goes out of their way to help everyday citizens like themselves.

Ms. Giles is a 5th grade teacher at Jim Bridger Elementary School in West Jordan and has been teaching for over 10 years. She constantly goes beyond the call of duty, logging countless hours while helping children with their school work well after the day’s final bell rings.

Kristie is also actively involved with a number of Jim Bridger Elementary’s extracurricular activities, including writing, producing, and directing the annual school musical for several years running. She tackles these after-school duties on a volunteer basis, hoping to teach children the benefits of the arts while also giving the younger generation an experience laden with team-building skills and a sense of achievement.


Garth Lagerwey, Kristie Giles, and Tammy Weinbaum

May 8, 2010 –Barbara Simpson

On this Mother’s Day Weekend, Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to honor Spanish Fork native Barbara Simpson as the latest recipient of the “Heroes Among Us” award. A mother of nine, Mrs. Simpson also finds time to take care of the Spanish Fork community, as she has been a volunteer for the city’s Emergency Medical Technician staff for nearly three decades.

Simpson began serving as a member of Spanish Fork’s volunteer ambulance service in 1982 and has been dutifully working 12-hour shifts on call or back-up duty around a dozen days each month ever since. Over the years Mrs. Simpson has done whatever it takes to help those who need help the most, be it rescuing trapped motorists from vehicles, rappelling down a cliff to check on an injured hiker, or helping to deliver the newest natives of Spanish Fork – all examples of why she was named the 2009 Utah EMT of the Year by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

While Simpson sometimes pays out of her pocket for expenses she occurs during this “labor of love,” neither the lack of pay nor time commitment have stopped her from pursuing a dream she had before beginning her volunteer service, as she is currently on the path to getting her nursing degree. It’s our honor to pay back this “SuperMom” in a small way today by naming her as the latest RSL/American Express “Hero Among Us.”


Bill Manning, Barbara Simpson, and Jamie Hullinger

May 13, 2010 –Linda Guernsey

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to announce Linda Guernsey as the latest recipient of the “Heroes Among Us” award during Real Salt Lake’s 2010 season. A native of Woods Cross, Utah, Guernsey was nominated for her continued and dedicated service as a Licensed Practical Nurse, volunteer, and, most importantly, a mother.

Linda was nominated for tonight’s honor by the Utah State Veteran’s Nursing Home, where she has performed nursing duties for 20+ years – even after struggling through and winning her fight against cancer. Aside from her wonderful accomplishments as a nurse, she has also volunteered for Kindred Spirits, an organization that connects children with disabilities alongside able-bodied kids while they learn about art and each other. She has also done work with the Alzheimer’s Association, highlighted in 2008 when she organized fundraisers for the National Memory Walk, which Real Salt Lake and Leo the Lion also participated in.

Through it all, Linda has also made sure that her children remain her number one priority. She has provided plenty of inspiration for her two wonderful sons, Kyler and Taylor, who are following in her footsteps and are now Certified Nursing Assistants at the University of Virginia and well on the road to careers in the medical care field. Linda also has “soccer mom” credentials, as her son Kyler recently returned from Colombia, where he was invited to try out for club soccer teams. Together, Real Salt Lake and American Express salute Linda’s hard work, dedication, and strong example that combined to make her a “Hero Among Us.”

Dale Miller, Linda Guernsey, and Garth Lagerwey

May 29, 2010 - John Copsy

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to announce John Copsy as the latest recipient of the “Heroes Among Us” award.

A native of Murray, Utah, Copsy was nominated for his bravery and selflessness while assisting at the scene of a pileup on Interstate 15 just last Thursday. Reacting immediately and instinctively, Copsy put aside his own safety to help a crash victim who was stuck in his vehicle and in risk of being burned alive if not for Copsy’s timely response. Copsy then continued to assist at the scene by directing traffic on the highway, allowing emergency crews to respond to the scene in a timelier fashion and traffic to get moving during the morning rush hour.

Copsy’s courage and willingness to help a complete stranger in his most dire straits is just one more example of everyday citizens rising to heroic heights. While Copsy simply claims he was reacting to the situation when help was truly needed, he did much more than that – he provided an inspiration, leading by example so that others may think twice and react in the same fashion when lives are on the line.

Together, Real Salt Lake and American Express salute John’s courage, leadership, and strong example that truly make him a “Hero Among Us.”

Bill Manning, John Copsy, and Tammy Weinbaum