Heroes Among Us - June 2014

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to recognize Dov Siporin as the recipient of the “Hero Among Us” honor on June 7th 2014. Dov is a 40 year old husband, father, prankster and terminal cancer patient. In 2008 he was diagnosed with stage 4 Colorectal cancer. Given only months to live he’s endured over 6300 hours of chemotherapy, 7 surgeries and 3 months of radiation and he’s still standing 6 and half years later. With humor on his side, he’s dressed up as chemo cupid and the chemo bunny for his treatment and hospital visits for others, passing out candy because it shocks people out of their routine and offers them something sweet when they are having a really rough day. Dov’s positive and comedic outlook on life has uplifted the lives of others as well as his own. When not in the hospital he is the captain of Team Tumor, a team of distance runners that competes in races across the Wasatch front. Over the years Dov has influenced people throughout the world to join him in his quest of making a difference in the lives of others. Simultaneously, he is also well known for his cancer t-shirts, and has since started a website: (www.buyitbeforeidie.com) to sell them to raise funds. His wonderful wife, Tara and two children, Matan and Siena plead with everyone to stop paying attention to him as “it just feeds his ego,” they say.

Heroes Among Us

Dov Siporin, Siena Siporin, Alice Beaumont, and Real Salt Lake Representative Robert Castellano.