Heroes Among Us - April 2015


Heroes Among Us

Real Salt Lake and American Express are proud to recognize Copper as the recipient of the “Heroes Among Us” honor on April 18, 2015. Copper is a six year veteran of the West Valley City Police Force. His most heroic moment came in December when six year old Kollin Bailey went missing. At a nearby park, the young boy was flying a kite and running backward when he fell into an open manhole and landed 10 to 12 feet underground. Kollin spent several hours yelling for help with a broken arm as the day turned dark and cold. Luckily for Kollin and his family Copper was called upon later that night to use his special sense of smell. He picked up the boy’s scent, but the windy night made it difficult to pinpoint the source. Copper quickly worked his way to the center of the park where he found an open manhole cover that had gone unnoticed in the dark. The officer shined his flashlight down the manhole to find and rescue the young boy. A grateful Kollin and his family rewarded Copper on Christmas with a stocking full of chew toys and bones.